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First - Let’s Get the Ball Rolling

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog and create more online for the better part of the past 10 years. Before that, I had my online writing. I was blogging while none of my friends even knew what that means. But it never took off. I stopped. And I never started again.

I have a couple ideas about why I was holding back, and that will most likely be a topic for another post. But in general, it’s about fear, shame, and guilt. It’s about the expectation of myself and also others. What quality I see online and what I expect of myself in return. And, of course, the big questions: What will others think? What comments will I get? Will anybody care?

But over the past few month, something became clear: I regret that I haven’t started years ago. I regret not having this output. And now is the time to turn that around. I don’t want to sit in front of my computer two years from now and, again, regret that I haven’t started. And the other aspects? I will write about those fears and self-doubt questions in individual posts.

So this is the beginning. The first post. The one I have been procrastinating away for far too long. The big step for myself but a small step in writing more. What follows will most likely be a journey of average excitement. But I get to share it. I have a place for my words, stories and thoughts. And you are a part of it. By reading, listening, and of course also getting in contact.

That said. Enjoy the ride and let’s have some fun.

Listen to This Blog Post and Some Further Discussion on the Topic:

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