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What Would Life Look Like if You'd Put in the Work?

A recent reflection of mine is on the possibilities we all have in our life. The problem? We have an equal amount of struggle. Now, with this struggle, I don’t necessarily mean it’s a life-threatening one. The struggles I am referring to are including the endless amounts of Netflix shows, fast food, and simplifications (escalators in front of a fitness gym??).

Most of us haven’t achieved our most important goals. Yet, we sit in front of the TV multiple hours per day. We don’t look the way we want, yet we go eat at the next fast food restaurant for lunch and dinner. I’m sick of my own complaining. I am sick of the amount of possibility and productivity I leave on the table.

I want to change, significant change, and I want to inspire the same. Stepping out of the cave. Not watching the next show, but instead: creating something. There can be so much growth, if you put in the work, try new things, and be shameless about it.

I know there is a whole lot of underlying factors. So many reasons why we crave the ease, the simplicity, or the coziness of a night on the couch with Netflix. But ask yourself: what could life look like if you work on your dreams when you put in the work, and profoundly shift your perspective?

In the past week, I started to open up even more. I now create more regular Instagram Stories, I published a new video on YouTube, and even started my own podcast. I am putting myself out there. Sharing my knowledge, stories, and ideas more openly. More on the offense. And I hope you will join me in creating more as well!

Please send me an email and tell me what you have been struggling with, why you have been holding back, or what you will do to start doing! I’d love to encourage you.

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