There Are Always New People

You want to publish? But you are sure it's all already out there? Someone already said it all. That's probably true, it doesn't mean you don't have a better solution. An exploration to see why you should share and provide your value...


Shedding Old Weight: Acceptance, Vision, and Killing Projects

How I went and minimalized my project count. Five steps that brought clarification and started the killing (of projects)... While living a minimalist life is amazing, it's not all easy, and sometimes I miss areas in life.


Writing Alone in the Rain

Imperfection perfection. It’s a weird thing. I opened this blog August 2017. As mentioned in the Eye Gazing Article, at the time, I liked to spend a lot of time by myself.


I Don’t Know - Yet

I am not successful. At least not judging by my own scale. And yet many people, who see my work and what I have been able to put into this world over the past few years, would argue against that. But when do I give in? When is it Ok to see myself as successful and is it even necessary?


Publishing Myself - We Suffer More in Imagination Than in Reality

You can read my words. But what do you think? This question is so powerful it stops almost every writer before publishing. Why not break free?


Consumption without Creation

What do you consume? Are you in control? Are you deciding what to read and watch? I know I sometimes don’t. We are bombarded with new content. New articles, videos and new social media posts to like. But is it beneficial?