High Above With an Airplane View

From up in the sky. With an airplane view. Everything's so calm. Simple to get around. Friendly the imagination of interactions. But all that turns around once you touch down. It’s unknown. There could be something behind the next corner. But it's so vast. There is so much space. It’s so beautiful.


Writing Alone in the Rain

Imperfection perfection. It’s a weird thing. I opened this blog August 2017. As mentioned in the Eye Gazing Article, at the time, I liked to spend a lot of time by myself.


I Don’t Know - Yet

I am not successful. At least not judging by my own scale. And yet many people, who see my work and what I have been able to put into this world over the past few years, would argue against that. But when do I give in? When is it Ok to see myself as successful and is it even necessary?


Publishing Myself - We Suffer More in Imagination Than in Reality

You can read my words. But what do you think? This question is so powerful it stops almost every writer before publishing. Why not break free?