Monthly Goals Report

My March 2018 Goals Report

Every month I share my goals on this blog to hold myself accountable and give you my results. March was a good month, full of growth, failure, and killing projects. Embracing minimalism more.

Monthly Goals Report

My February 2018 Goals Report

End of the second month. Time flies. And I present you my goals report for February. It's been touch, challenging, and fun. A new country and some good ideas.

Monthly Goals Report

My January 2018 Goals Report

January was a big month. The first of this transformative year 2018. So many baselayers where set up. Here is my goals report in all its detail.

Monthly Goals Report

My 2018 Goals and Resolutions

Since 2014, I’ve been doing goals reports in private. They helped me to an extent, and I am pleased with my results. But it is pronounced that there was a component missing: accountability. This changes today!

Year in Review

My 2017 Year in Review: Achievements, Failures, Lessons Learned

Since 2014 I have been setting goals. I didn’t want anybody to see or judge - me. I was in hiding. No more. But first: let's review 2017!