There Are Always New People

You want to publish? But you are sure it's all already out there? Someone already said it all. That's probably true, it doesn't mean you don't have a better solution. An exploration to see why you should share and provide your value...


What Would Life Look Like if You'd Put in the Work?

A recent reflection of mine is on the possibilities we all have in our life. The problem? We have an equal amount of struggle. Now, with this struggle, I don’t necessarily mean


Questions and Statements Which Shape My Morning and Life

I recently rediscovered an article by Tim Ferriss called “"Productivity" Tricks for the Neurotic, Manic-Depressive, and Crazy (Like Me)”. It hits very important points and was highly motivating to rediscover. Here I’d like to highlight some of his questions, suggestions, and my thoughts


Shedding Old Weight: Acceptance, Vision, and Killing Projects

How I went and minimalized my project count. Five steps that brought clarification and started the killing (of projects)... While living a minimalist life is amazing, it's not all easy, and sometimes I miss areas in life.


High Above With an Airplane View

From up in the sky. With an airplane view. Everything's so calm. Simple to get around. Friendly the imagination of interactions. But all that turns around once you touch down. It’s unknown. There could be something behind the next corner. But it's so vast. There is so much space. It’s so beautiful.


Sometimes Not the Boss

Sometimes you have to imagine you are not the boss of your own company or life. There is someone above you making the rules. Giving you tasks that you may not like. But in the grand scheme of things the combination of the fun and the tedious will be fruitful!