What Would Life Look Like if You'd Put in the Work?

A recent reflection of mine is on the possibilities we all have in our life. The problem? We have an equal amount of struggle. Now, with this struggle, I don’t necessarily mean


Shedding Old Weight: Acceptance, Vision, and Killing Projects

How I went and minimalized my project count. Five steps that brought clarification and started the killing (of projects)... While living a minimalist life is amazing, it's not all easy, and sometimes I miss areas in life.


Writing Alone in the Rain

Imperfection perfection. It’s a weird thing. I opened this blog August 2017. As mentioned in the Eye Gazing Article, at the time, I liked to spend a lot of time by myself.


Three Questions for Clarity – Getting to Know Yourself

I am sitting down with my notebook, getting ready to brainstorm some goals and the direction for the new year. I like to do that, and it’s invigorating. But this time I noticed something new: Knowing where I want to go, how I am perceived, and what’s important to work on is important…


I Don’t Know - Yet

I am not successful. At least not judging by my own scale. And yet many people, who see my work and what I have been able to put into this world over the past few years, would argue against that. But when do I give in? When is it Ok to see myself as successful and is it even necessary?


Lucy − About Knowledge, Life, and Sharing

Lucy says: "Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don't exist." It makes me think. Reflect and concerned. Where do I want and have to go?