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The Week in Review #1: Peter Lindbergh, Munich, and Jocko Willink

This post marks the end of my first week of daily vlogging and blogging. It’s been a good week. And I thought I’d share a small review of the week (and might continue doing so on a weekly basis).

For starters, I spent most of the week in Munich, Germany since I have friends there I had a great time (thanks to the sofa & bed for me to sleep in). I experienced some great walks through parks. An excruciating workout. And got to know some new corners of the city by walking. It’s kinda been a restart of my travel lifestyle which I’ll be continuing from September on. Living out of a suitcase and backpack for a few month (and maybe longer).

Posting Every Day

Posting every day isn’t easy. It’s a lot of work. It takes hours out of the day. Especially if you are trying to do something great at the same time. I mentioned this before: it’s incredible to see some people on YouTube do it for years on end. I will continue with it for now. It’s an incredible practice and gives me more structure than I had before. But it’s definitely not easy. And I respect anybody who’s rocking that amount of content.

Visiting the “Peter Lindbergh - FROM FASHION TO REALITY” Art Gallery

Let me say this much: I spent 3.5 hours in there. Where I am normally the first out of a museum. Is that changing with age? But anyway. The gallery is astonishing. It’s closing its doors soon, so I am happy I was able to visit and see these works of art before they are moved to another place.

Looking at the art Peter Lindbergh created over the past 30 or 40 years was definitely the most inspiring thing I did last week. And it’s still holding up. I am curious to do more black and white photography. And try my best with portrait work again. To play with style. To try out new angles and expressions. To capture more emotion. To focus on something real.

It’s one thing to look at Instagram every day. But it’s equally as valuable to get insights about the work that was published decades ago. To see something different. So we don’t all look at the same and are able to create something new.

Jocko Willink is an ex Navy SEAL, and the messages he is putting out there in regards to motivation and “putting in the work” are powerful. I first heard him on the Tim Ferriss Show. I enjoyed his voice and the energetic/pragmatic vibe. Then I discovered his spoken word album about motivation, creation, and procrastination. It’s pushing me out of bed, it’s showing me that there is more inside me that I can put out there, and I should never stop.

You can listen to this spoken word kick in the ass via Spotify, Apple Music or Google Music. This is one of the things I have on my phone. Downloaded. Ready to go for when I hit a down moment.


Working more, putting more content out there, and getting pushed by inspiring people. It’s been a great week. It’s been a great week.

I’m looking forward to the next. Right now it’s still preparation time. It’s the calm before the storm. And I am looking forward to the weeks in September where I’ll be on the road much more, and you can enjoy the journey with me. The newsletter signup is right below this post, or you can stay in contact on my social media profiles.

How was the last week for you? Did you crush it? What inspired you? Did you learn something new? Share your thoughts, feedback, and learnings in the comments below.

Other than that, enjoy Monday. Go out there and do it. Make It Your LIFE!

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