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The Week in Review #2: Alone Time, Family, and bad Movies

Filled with bad weather, good alone time, and great insights. I had a week that I did not expect to have. But it's a good thing.

Alone Time

Alone Time; Good Time.

More and more I come to realize that I really cherish being alone for periods of time. For the longest time, I thought I should be happy when I am with a lot of people. And while those moments are great sometimes. I am experiencing being alone for days on end gives me strength. It gives me new thoughts. And I can go deeper into my thinking. I can focus on work as much as I want. And I can be liberated from all the feedback that sometimes just makes me not do the things I would love to do. To alone time!

That's not to say that I don't enjoy some groups as well. Soon I'll be joining the next Offline Adventure and then later this month I will be on the NomadCruise. Amazing people around. An extraordinary group of individuals. Thoughts and stories to share.


Listening. Hearing Stories. Building more memories.

The past few month I had the incredible opera unity to get to know my grandma so much better as we lived under one roof. It's been a beautiful experience to sit together so many times to eat lunch, dinner or drink a cup of tea. As people get older, I now understand better that moments like these are to be cherished. Learning more about the life they have lived. The things she went through. And understanding what was going on throughout the past times.


For the longest time, I rated most movies I watched with a 5/10 or better. Now that changed. I don't put all movies on a pedestal anymore. There are characters I can learn from. That spark new ideas. But there are also some that are boring. Simple as that. There is not much to see.

But that's as much a self-reflection as it is a review of the movie. Sometimes there are things more exciting than watching a movie. Projects to work on. Yoga sessions to do. Books to read. Or articles to write. Learning to not dive into the easy pleasure of just sitting in front of Netflix for another evening. That's something I am working on. And the boring movies are a reminder why I'd like to consume less of those.

On the contrary? Some movies just inspire so much. Namely, last week I watched "Lucy" (which I wrote about here). Such an inspiring message and topic. But there is the problem! How should I know which movie is worth it? Ratings don't help. Recommendations? Maybe. Do you know any must see movies? Let me know in the comments.

Alone Time & Melancholy

In addition to the alone time mentioned above. I also went through some times of melancholy this past week. Autumn showed its faces for some days. Mornings with rain, cold, and dark. Sitting down in front of the MacBook with a cup of tea. A burning candle and some lights around. Just writing down thoughts. Exploring my mind. Looking outside into the gray sky. Finding a new state of happiness which I can't seem to access when I am surrounded by too much adventure, too many possibilities. I need those to do new things.

KW 36: This Week

Next week will be pretty similar. A lot of behind the scenes work. Project Preparations. I’m planning to write more here. Thinking about launching my first online-course in the coming month. And then there is client work that has to get done.

Finishing the week, I’ll be going to Munich and from there to Austria to join the Offline Adventure, again. This time it's all about going offline, enjoying nature and learning about TCM and this time, I'm there to film the event.

How was your week? Did you learn something new? Read an incredible article or book? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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