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The Week in Review #3: Paper Planning, Offline Weekend, and Creating on a Schedule

The past week was filled with brainstorming. Making new plans for the coming weeks. Travel organization. And last but not least: some time offline (which rimes and that is always good).

Paper Planning

Over the years I have tried all the note taking and task management tools. Trello, Asana, OmniFocus, Wunderlist. You name it. Chances are high that tried and used it. But now I went back to pen and paper.

I simply noticed that these tools might be an absolute god sent when working in a remote team where assigning tasks and synchronized management are the most important features. But for me, working on most projects by myself, having the assignments on the desk, right next to my laptop, is the best I can do.

They are in plain sight. Easy to see. And very satisfying to cross off. I’m happy with the new system and have been for the past few weeks.

Offline Weekend, Good Food, and a TCM Workshop

I spent the past weekend (including Monday - which is the reason this weeks review is delayed a few days) offline. No phone in my pocket. No Instagram scrolling, no researching, and no quick answers to questions we discussed.

The trip was made possible by OfflineAdventures with whom I already enjoyed two weekends full of adventure and offline time in the past 12 months. Now we also welcomed Tina Reimer to give us some knowledge about TCM and a healthy lifestyle.

It’s been an excellent weekend, many new connections with amazing humans, and of course a good digital detox. More about this experience later this week.

Creating on a Schedule

Creating new content every day is taking its toll. I notice more and more that it’s tough to stick to these plans. And as mentioned in previous posts and videos, I admire the people who publish daily or weekly on a schedule for years. It’s hard work, and it requires a bunch of discipline. I am still finding out what is for me. How often I want to publish. How often I can pull it off without burning out. Let’s see.

I wish you an incredible week. And would like to leave you with this one question: what have you changed last week that will impact the next?

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