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The Week in Review #5: New People, Las Palmas, and Work

I started to move again. Putting all my stuff into a big suitcase and backpack. Leaving the room that I have been living in for the past few months behind. And venturing out to new adventures.

Work, Work, Work

It’s funny how sometimes new client work comes in the worst moments. You are about to head out of the country and will basically be offline for two weeks. And that’s the moment where new clients would like to book you and start working on their website immediately. I am happy about it, but it also was a stressful week for it. It also showed me that if you have the assignment, you will find a way to fit them in, and it’s much easier to prioritize.

Las Palmas and the Global Family

My first stop after leaving Germany is Las Palmas on the Canary Islands. There I am currently attending the #NomadCityGC event followed by the NomadCruise across the Atlantic to Panama. It’s been great to be back here after almost a year. And it’s been even better to meet these amazing humans whom I connected with last year. So many things to catch up about. So many stories to share.

It’s continuously astonishing for me to notice how close you feel, even if you just spent a couple weeks together a year ago. It’s like a big family you are building around the globe which is coming together for a big event and celebration. For me, this is one of the best things about the nomad community!

New Humans Come Together

And then you sit together, talk for hours, connect, and experience.

But not just the people whom I already connected with are amazing. There are so many new people. Some who are coming to the cruise as well. Some who are going to stay in Las Palmas for the next few months or continue traveling other places from here. There is so much going on. And the humans are so diverse. It’s just mind-blowing.

And then you sit together, talk for hours, connect, and experience. Finding this time, in-between all the things that are going happening, is crucial. Slowing down and having this moment together.

I’m looking forward to this adventure with 260 other nomads and travelers. Keynotes, workshops, and time to watch the sunset over the ocean. It’s already been an incredible time in Las Palmas. And I am sure it’s going to be the same on the ship.

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