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The Week in Review #6: Being Offline, Island Life, and Getting Distracted

I have been away. It’s been three weeks since I posted the last article on this blog. And again I learned something from it. It’s hard to keep it continuous. It’s so easy to stop. To not sit down and write. Not to take the time to think clearly. But I like to sit myself down and write. Think about things and put my thoughts into words. So let’s continue where I left of.

Offline for (almost) Three Weeks


Going offline. Relaxing. Thinking.

I have been mostly offline for the past three weeks. It began in Las Palmas where I still had to get tons of work done. Then I went on the NomadCruise which will soon have its own article on this site. On that ship, I basically had no internet. I just checked my phone every few days. But other than that: no phone! And that meant: no distractions in conversations, or at dinner tables. People actually talked to each other while waiting for something.

The feeling you get when you can just be there. Not care about the notifications. In times like these, you notice, that you can have your phone put away for long periods without missing much. It’s just our brain that is - by now - so used to checking our devices every few minutes.

There is one catch: being on a cruise ship with 260 other inspiring nomads and travelers, there were people around. I could just get up, walk to breakfast and it was guaranteed that there was someone else there having some food. After that, you walk to the coffee bar, and most certainly you will meet someone on the way or at the bar.

This is so much harder in normal city life, where people are far apart from each other and being connected is essential to stay up to date, to know when and where you are going to meet next.

But thinking back, I can see what I want more in my life. The times spent with groups of people in one spot. The ability to communicate quickly without having to go online. Essentially Co-Living spaces and similar concepts.

Island Life, Bocas Del Toro


Our AirBnB on Bocas Del Toro main island.

I spent the last week in this beautiful province of islands called Bocas Del Toro. It’s been amazing. The temperatures are high, the humidity is intense, and the weather is a good mixture. But all these aspects make it so beautiful.

It is so green. I hear the waves crashing on the coast while I am writing this in our Airbnb. And the animal nightlife outside in the jungle gives it a beautiful soundtrack.

I really like this place, even though I am not entirely sure if that’s more predicated on the fact that we arrived with at least 80 other NomadCruise participants or if it’s actually the place and its beauty. But what I know for sure is that I will get some work done while living in this paradise.

Getting Distracted by Too Many Activities


Doing acro yoga on the beaches of Aruba. Enjoying the time away from work.

Coming off the boat, I have so many ideas. So many things I want to work on. And at the same time, I also have client work that needs to be finished. But! Being in an environment with all these active humans around? Staying motivated to sit down on my computer becomes a challenge.

Every day someone suggests a tour, hike, or meetup. There are just too many options to choose from. I need a moment. I fell for it a couple times. It’s great fun and good times. But I have to refocus. Double down on the important stuff. Focus and get rid of distractions. Even if it means that I have the to let the fun actives float away and make a rigorous selection of what to do.

Now this marks the third weekly review in a row without any other article in between (which I never wanted to happen). But it is how it is now. Let's hope it's not going to continue this way.

How is your review of the past week? What's your story?

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