Weekly Review

The Week in Review #4: The Small World, a Founders Center, and Travel Plans

The past week has been a little stressful. Prepping for travels and at the same time getting some client work in last minute. But the fun part was a workshop event on Thursday:


Motivated Laziness: Earn Relaxation by Doing the Work

Watching a movie, listening to an album, or reading a book. Sometimes these things make me feel bad. Why? Because I do them as a form of procrastination. I have more important things to get done. Things that can bring me forward. Tasks that will change my future.


The Third Offline Adventure. A TCM Workshop in Hittisau, Austria

Now I attended the third installment of this event. And this time it wasn’t just about experiencing nature and going offline. Instead, we added a workshop weekend on top of it. Knowledge about TCM and food based on those teachings. I’d like to give you some thoughts...

Weekly Review

The Week in Review #3: Paper Planning, Offline Weekend, and Creating on a Schedule

The past week was filled with brainstorming. Making new plans for the coming weeks. Travel organization. And last but not least: some time offline (which rimes and that is always good).