I Don’t Know - Yet

I am not successful. At least not judging by my own scale. And yet many people, who see my work and what I have been able to put into this world over the past few years, would argue against that. But when do I give in? When is it Ok to see myself as successful and is it even necessary?


Lucy − About Knowledge, Life, and Sharing

Lucy says: "Time is the only true unit of measure. It gives proof to the existence of matter. Without time, we don't exist." It makes me think. Reflect and concerned. Where do I want and have to go?

Weekly Review

The Week in Review #6: Being Offline, Island Life, and Getting Distracted

It’s been three weeks. And again I learned something. It’s so easy to stop. Not to take the time to think clearly. But I like to sit down and write. Think about things and put my thoughts into words. So let’s continue where I left of...

Weekly Review

The Week in Review #5: New People, Las Palmas, and Work

I started to move again. Putting all my stuff into a big suitcase and backpack. Leaving the room that I have been living in for the past few months behind. And venturing out to new adventures.