Sometimes Not the Boss

Sometimes you have to imagine you are not the boss of your own company or life. There is someone above you making the rules. Giving you tasks that you may not like. But in the grand scheme of things the combination of the fun and the tedious will be fruitful!


Writing Alone in the Rain

Imperfection perfection. It’s a weird thing. I opened this blog August 2017. As mentioned in the Eye Gazing Article, at the time, I liked to spend a lot of time by myself.

Monthly Goals Report

My January 2018 Goals Report

January was a big month. The first of this transformative year 2018. So many baselayers where set up. Here is my goals report in all its detail.


Eye Gazing - Powerful Practice to Build Rapport, Connection, and Elevate Your State

About eight months ago I was researching how to feel more rooted, be more connected, and rest in myself. I was trying to understand how to be ok being by myself, getting in